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Kimberly T. Matthews

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Age: Both Old and Young Enough
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Book: Too Many to List
Favorite Quote: I am not pompous; I am as great as I think I am!

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Author | Editor | Ghostwriter | Literary Professional

Behind the scenes, Kimberly has penned several books for an broad, undisclosed client list.

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Kimberly T. Matthews is a multi-times published novelist, speaker, content editor, ghostwriter and literary agent. Her debut novel, Promise You Won't Tell Nobody, was self-published in 1997, and is listed as recommended reading by Love our Children USA, the leading national nonprofit and ‘Go-To’ prevention organization fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the United States. Kimberly achieved national publication attention in 2006 with her third novel, The Perfect Shoe, a romantic comedy which was once ranked as the number one African American Romance novel on Since that time, she has released several other titles and has published a number of nationally syndicated articles in a number of forums including The Huffington Post and Yahoo! Associate Writers Network.


Kimberly primarily writes Women's Commercial fiction, and has nearly twenty titles in print. They can be found at